Audio Chef Part 1

I like cooking (and eating), but it can be a messy business. What better application for the Amazon Echo than a kitchen assistant? Through voice commands, Alexa can guide users through recipes alleviating the problem of consulting cookbooks or unlocking smart phones. That’s what I set out to do with The Audio Chef. Below is a diagram that illustrates the architecutre, focused solely on the user experience with the Alexa Skill and the various supporting AWS components.

Main Points:

  • Session state is stored in the DynamoDB table AudioChefAlexaSession
  • Recipe data is stored in the DynamoDB table AudioChefRecipeUrl
  • Sample recipe lookup data is stored in the S3 bucket audiochefcode for ease of updating without having to perform code changes
  • The request/response from/to the Alexa Skill service is handled by the Lambda function AudioChefAlexaCustom
  • The skill configuration is managed through the Amazon Developer Console Alexa Skill section

This project is maintained by grantharper